Part 3

                                                                            UNFORGETTABLE ORGASM

I wanted to scream and moan, kicking and shaking from the orgasm that overtook me one after the other. And so they decided to make me a real surprise. I just sat down on Danielle's toy to fuck, at that moment  a guy fell into the place behind me. This double penetration I will never forget. Rough dork fucked me in the ass, it was anal sex. Danielle fucked me in the cunt. I was finishing from every push by her. I howled with every push into my innocent ass.
After three minutes I felt like a rich stream of semen erupted in me. I pulled out his penis and began more hand job in order to obtain a greater flow spearm. And he began to come in my face and hairs. She still fucked my cunt and narrative clitoris. I had no longer any strength. I begged for a break, mercy or death. A friend just laughed in my face and saying - I told you I would get this trophy! She stucked strapon in the neighbors ass. To say I was shocked, it's just silent.
While he meandered from lesbians strapon, I lay under him and plunged his penis in my cunt. He was so large in diameter that I was hurt, when he began to enter me. But little accustomed to it, I started to move up and down and now after a few seconds I shook with pleasure . The Daniella further whet my cries, and she with even greater force pushing into his hole. They gave me an incredible amount of orgasms. It was already past midnight when I leaned back on the pillows. Without forces, licked, fucked, defeated and happy. I felt as if I was fucked a company of soldiers. I wanted very much to sleep. I lay a little, remembering the brightest orgasms that night and peaceful asleep. In the morning everything was as usual. I drank coffee and went to the salon of beauty to prepare for my lovely agency.

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