Part 2

                                                                            WE ARE HOT GIRLS!!!

I wanted to cry from orgasm, but I was holding myself back so as not to cause confusion for others. My pussy was dripping juices. I ran my fingers across the crotch and licked them. I always liked the taste of my sperm. Only 5 minutes I had satisfied my lust, but it was not enough. I still wanted pumped and strong macho.  More precisely, not his, but his great friend: suck, bite, lick, twirl and lick his balls. Swallow his penis completely, that he cum in my mouth and then thrust it into my cunt. I touched clitoris, I wanted all night jumping on his penis and wildly bawl. And while I was in the clouds sexual fantasies and masturbated with a vibrator, not even heard came into the room.

It was Danielle with a regular client. She provides a vip-escort-servicein Moscow. He was naked, and she had a straps vibrator . She said, "Honey, in this house we only can you fuck! Stay in the pose of doggy style, even you don’t want!". I was pushed into a corner, and I had no choice how to respond to it. Although violence neighbor I was excited more than be fucked my girlfriend with straps toy. I opened the window, so that everything was visible from the window. I was in a doggy style position and parted legs. My sperm started flow and I was wildly excited. My pussy was juicy. When I work like a prostitute I always have a pleasure. But it was a different sex.

This beast instantly fell down to my pussy lips. He licked my pussy, then speeding up, then reducing the speed. Daniella at this time lubricated her black toy and entered my tight hole. I skreamed, and this further led her. She quickly and accurately fucked me, so the hole is already burning from the desire to continue and to increase the temp. I moaned, screamed, fought tits on the window sill and wanted to suck the penis. My mouth was dry, and I heard he cums. I rushed to him and asked him to cum in my mouth. He had no choice but to obey me. My mouth was filled with hot, tasty and plentiful sperm. I smeared it for her tits, face, hair. I wanted more sperm, and I began to suck. While Danielle fucked my cunt with the vibrator, I sucked and hand-job neighbor. By the way, my other sweet neighbors you can see here…

I wanted to scream and moan, kicking and shaking from the orgasm that overtook me one after the other. And so they decided to make me a real surprise…

Continuation of the story read in my next blog.
More intimate photos you can see here.



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