Sunday, 25 January 2015

                                                                    Sexual adventure-Kristina and Daniella

My name is Kristina, I am 23 years old. I want to tell a story of my life. I'm not from a prosperous family. I had a terrible childhood. I was beaten, humiliated, raped. I always thought it should be, because the other simply did not know. Mother drank heavily, dad I never knew. Spouse mother raped me almost every day. But I studied very well, that saved me! I started another life. I go to college and met there a beautiful girl. She has worked in prestigious model Agency and invited me. I rented an apartment with her. I thought that she was like me, only more professional.
Her name is Danielle and she is 25 years old. Honestly, I would never have given her so much, she looks maximum 22 years. She has always sexually protruding nipples. The first thing that comes into view when I see her is chest 4 size. It is large, there is something to touch. Figure 90:60:90. She looks very sexy . On her table there will always be a couple of toys and intimate photos  . She is just obsessed with sex.
Yes, I forgot to notice - she's a lesbian with experience and considers me a piece of cake. She wants to get sex with me as a trophy. But I convinced naturally to the bone and no one female was not able to reach my pussy. I prefer to suck a penis that can cum in my mouth or tits, and I will flow hot sperm. So it was up to one case...
Once I stayed alone in the apartment, and my roommate went to the meating with a client from our agency. She is a very popular call-girl in Moscow. I was so glad to get the opportunity to be one! I wanted to be alone, to masturbate and think, how to live without sex, if everything vibrates them.
I closed the door, fully undressed, took the vibrator and lay down on the bed. I did not shut tightly close the room and hide under the blanket. I decided that I’m not a teenager and Danielle will return not soon. I dreamed my dear neighbor and how she rides a huge cock some macho and I was wildly excited. Oh, how she moans and increases its speed. I had a vision of someone licking her crack and masturbate his cock, and then stuffs it in her tight ass and starts to wildly fuck in all her hole. With pleasure I closed my eyes and began to moan, the vibrator did its work and the first waves of pleasure covered my head.
I knew that actually Danielle will never give up my crack "rough dork". She has a high level of service and rich and intelligent clients. But I was pleased to think about rough sex. I caressed my hole and sucked the vibrator. I wanted to make someone blow job. I wanted to suck cock, so he was solid and strong.
Continuation of the story read in my next blog, but more hot pictures you can see right now.

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